About Us

Steve Sears - President

Over the past 35 years, I have built over 100 custom homes & undertaken over 150 renovations projects. Bringing your vision to life is the goal which can't be done without meticulously checking every detail along the way.


  • Consult with homeowners to understand overall needs and desires
  • Assist in obtaining house plans if needed
  • Schedule and oversee all work done by subcontractors
  • Regularly meet with homeowner to review progress
  • Creating and managing a draw schedule that keeps all suppliers and subcontractors on schedule
  • In 30 years of service, there have been no judgments or liens on my business

Kathy Sears - Interior Architect & Designer

I have helped homeowners with the interior design and architecture of their homes for the past 17 years. After completing my Interior Design degree at Butler University, I constantly revitalized Steve's and mine own home at 56th and Washington Boulevard while raising our 3 children. Once the kids were in school, I fully immersed myself in the design community by working for The Blue Door for over a decade. Throughout the years and more specifically in the past 10 years, Steve & I have collaborated on projects to bring local homeowners visions to life.


  • Designing the new or existing space to your specifications
  • Scheduling meetings with suppliers and guiding your decision making process
  • Assisting with Interior and Exterior decisions

Steve and Kathy Sears